David Bernet

director, author and producer of documentary films

address:            Atmosfilm West, Thürmchenswall 72, D-50668 Cologne
phone:              +49 151 127 27 089
mail:                 d.bernet@atmosfilm.de
nationality:      Switzerland
languages:       German, French, English

David Bernet grew up in Rheineck (Switzerland), lives in Germany and works as director, author and producer for documentary films. He studied Comparative Literature and Philosophy in Vienna and Berlin. Since 1995 he worked as journalist for print and radio, then as researcher and author for documentary film. He began his career as director with the documentary „The Whisperers“ and as member of the Swiss oral history association Archimob realizing the early multi-media documentary series „l’histoire c´est moi“.
His film „Raising Resistance“ has been awarded with the Prix SRG SSR as „Best Swiss Film 2011“, with „Deutscher Naturfilmpreis 2012“, „The Golden Butterfly 2012“ at Movies That Matter Festival The Hague, the award for Best Directing of the Nonfiktionale 2013 and a lot of other awards. His recent production „DEMOCRACY“ is a long-term documentary revealing the inner machinery of EU lawmaking in Brussels by following the actual privacy and data protection debate. DEMOCRACY is nominated for the German Film Award LOLA 2016.

Additionally, David Bernet works as advisor for dramaturgy and teacher for audiovisual storytelling (o.a. at Free University Berlin, the Film University Potsdam-Babelsberg).


FILMOGRAPHY (selection)

In development:

THE FORUM (documentary film, 90 min.)
Gebrueder Beetz Film production.
Development funded by: Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg,
German Film Funding institution
VOYAGE TO THE OTHER (documentary film, 90 min.)
Ican Films/ Lichtblick Media.
Development funded by: Swiss Office for Culture, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

Realized Films:

DEMOCRACY (documentary film 100 min.)
Indi Film/ Seppia Film/ Atmosfilm West.
Funded by: Film und Medien-Stiftung NRW, Filmförderung Baden-Würrtemberg, MEDIA, Communauté Strasbourg, Région Alsace, Mini-Traité CNC/FFA, a.o.
Awards: Nomintated for German Film Award LOLA 2016
RAISING RESISTANCE (Documentary film, 90/60 min., 2011) in col. with Bettina Borgfeld, production: Dreamer Joint Venture/Maximage. WDR/ARTE, Filmförderung Hessen, Filmstiftung NRW, BAK Swiss Filmfund.
Awards: Best Swiss Film 2011 at Visions du Réel, Best German Nature documentary, Best Editing of German Documentary 2012, Best Artistic Documentary 2013 ÖkofilmTour, Golden Butterlfy 2012 The Hague, a.o.
FAMINE /HUNGER (documentary, 8×4 Min.) as part of the interactive exposition „Die andere Seite der Welt“,
production: Frédéric Gonseth Productions, funded by BKA, Swisslos a.o.
BEING KOSHER (documentary 90/52 Min., 2011) director: Ruth Olshan, production: Indi Film, Atmosfilm West, SWR, MFG, Filmstiftung NRW, Gerd-Ruge-Stipendium, Foundation Zurückgeben   associate producer
SPEED (documentary 90 min., 2012) director: Florian Opitz
Production: Dreamer Joint Venture, WDR/ARTE, BR, Filmstiftung NRW, Medienboard Berlin-Brandebug, Atmosfilm West
  associate producer
WAHNSINNIGE KUNST – Das Unerhörte Genie (documentary, 30 min., 2007) production: Gebrüder Beetz Filmprod., SWR/ARTE, ZDF Dokukanal, MFG, MEDIA, Volkswagen Stiftung author
WAHNSINNIGE KUNST – Der gewebte Schmerz (documentary, 30 Min., 2007) production: Gebrüder Beetz Filmprod., SWR/ARTE, ZDF Dokukanal, MFG, MEDIA, Volkswagen Stiftung author
JEW BY CHOICE – Jude aus Überzeugung (documentary, 60/ 30 min., 2007) In col. with Robert Ralston, production: Gebr. Beetz Filmprod./ Idan Regev Production Tel Aviv/ ARTE/WDR and Second Authority, Israel director/author
THE WHISPERERS (documentary film, 80/60 min. 2005)
Gebr. Beetz Filmprod./ ARTE, WDR, RB, TSR, YLE, funded by: Filmstiftung NRW, Nordmedia, MEDIA
REGARD EN ARRIERE (documentary series, 20 + 20 min. 2004)
production: Frédéric Gonseth Prod./SRG idée suisse, TSR/SF DRS
DAILY BREAD (documentary, 90 min., 2006)
director: Nikolaus Geyrhalter, production: Nikolaus Filmprod., ORF 2005
SCHWEIGEN, BLUT UND EHRE (documentary, 30 min., 2003)
director: Carmen Butta, production: Gebr. Beetz Filmprod., SWR
production manager
NACH DER FLUT (Dokumentation, 26 min. 2002)
director: Malika Chalabi, Medea Film, ARTE
MISSION AN DER OSTFRONT (Dokumentarfilm 90 min. 2003)
director: Frédéric Gonseth, F. Gonseth Productions, TSR, SRG idée suisse
author/ researcher
ARCHIMOB, Oral-History association (1999-2002)
On Second World war in Switzerland, funded by Bundesamt für Kultur, Lotterie Romande, Frédéric Gonseth Prod., u.a. 

production manager